Hi, I am Francesca

The first twenty-eight years of my life I felt lost,unworthy, unseen, and unloved. Deep in my heart I knew I was here to make a difference, to bring healing, love, and light to this world. But I was in complete darkness. I spent twenty years battling with Eating Disorders, feeling unfulfilled working as a Physical Therapist, and living a life that just wasn’t for me, a life where I didn’t fit in. I wondered for many years what was wrong with mewhy I couldn’t be “normal”


Six years ago I moved to the US without a plan, just following my heart’s desire to heal and to transform my life.

I not only healed, but I also became who I was always meant to beME. The unapologeticauthenticrawvulnerableimperfect and courageous ME.

I dove deep into wellness, spirituality, personal development, and my own intuitive gifts. I got my Life Coaching Certificate, enrolled in a Professional Human Design Program, and even made my childhood dream of being an actress and performing on stage come true! 

If you want to know more about my journey, read the article I wrote for the GIRL TALK HQ magazine here or listen to episode 108 in the Dreams Are Real podcast where I openly share my story.