How does a Tarot & Oracle reading work?

I use both, the Tarot and Oracle cards as a guiding system, NOT as a divination tool. We are all creators of our own reality and have the power to change most of our life experiences. Therefore, I don’t believe in absolute future predictions.

However, what the cards do wonderfully is guiding and providing deeper information about the situations we are currently facing and those we are about to face. I describe it as ‘divine advice‘ from a higher level of consciousness that allows us to move forward with more ease, trust, and certainty.

The information I provide comes from both, the archetypical meaning of the cards and my physic abilities.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask anything you want as long as they are open questions. Here are some examples of some powerful questions you could ask:

  • What should I be focusing on right now?

  • What am I now seeing about this situation?

  • What would be the best next step moving forward in this situation?

  • What do I need to know most right now?

  • What is blocking me right now?

  • What would be the best way to remove these blocks?

  • How can I create more success in this area?

  • How can I open more money portals?

  • How can I shift the energy around this?

  • What if I moved in this different direction?

  • What fears do I need to release?

  • How can I open myself up to infinite possibilities?

  • If I chose this path, how would that look like?

“In the most uncertain times I reached for Francesca’s assistance for answers. With her guidance and without saying a word she comforted me in her space. My reading was nothing short of amazing! Having some insight to my next steps in business and in life would have been one thing, but having what she told me be spot on was incredible. It allowed me exercise effortless action in my business and personal life. For any future readings or guidance in the most uncertain of times I’ll reach for Francesca’s readings time and time again!”

Matthew Sheehan, Real State Agent.

How long are the readings?

If you want to know something very specific, a 30-min reading should be enough.

If you want to go deeper or want to go through different areas you should book a 60-min reading.

Readings can be recorded.

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