Human Design is for you if you want to…

✨Discover who you are on a deeper level and understand your own guiding system.

✨Become aware of the potential gifts and talents hidden within you waiting to be unleashed.

✨Learn how to use your personal strategy and authority to start making decisions that are correct for your specific energy type.

✨Recognize your conscious and unconscious conditioning patterns that are holding you back and learn how to change them through awareness

✨Start living your design consciously and purposefully so you can achieve the success and fulfillment you are here to experience.

What’s included in a Human Design Reading?

  • A customized and detailed written report (14-17 pages)
  • A 20 min zoom call to go through the reading and answer questions.

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Human Design Analysis

The reading includes: – Full description of your energy type, strategy and authority. – Full analysis of all your energy centers. – Full description of your profile. – Full analysis of all your defined channels and gates. –


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