What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that mixes ancient observational systems (traditional astrology, I’Ching, chakras, and Kabbala) with contemporary disciplines such as quantum mechanics, astronomy, genetics, and biochemistry to create a unique and personal diagram of who you are, your potential, and the mechanics of your nature.

Learning how to live your design allows you to navigate life with ease and unleash your hidden potential.

Human Design allows you to:

  • Discover who you are on a deeper level and understand your own guiding system.
  • Become aware of the hidden potential that is already within you waiting to be unraveled.
  • Learn how to use your personal strategy and authority to start making decisions that are correct for you.
  • Identify your conscious and subconscious conditioning patterns that are holding you back and learn how to change them through self-awareness and reinforcement.
  • Unleash and recognize your unique gifts, talents, and skills.
  • Learn how to start living your design consciously and purposefully so you can achieve the success and fulfillment you are here to experience.
  • What kind of information does the reading include?

    • What your energy type is and what does it mean.

    • What your strategy is and how to follow it so you can move through life with more ease and less resistance.

    • What your personal authority is and how does it work so you can follow your own guiding system and make decisions that are correct for you.

    • What your profile is and how this archetype shows up in your life.

    • An in-depth analysis of all your energy centers, so you can learn how to take advantage of the gifts that come from having defined and undefined centers, as well as strategies to manage conditioning aspects or unhealthy tendencies.

    • A full description of all your defined channels, uncovering the potential for growth and evolution that are already within you.

    • A detailed description of the most important gates of your chart, revealing the gifts and talents that you already have.

    • What your life’s work is based on your cross of incarnation and your astrological north node.

    • The attributes you are here to develop and the tendencies that you need to leave behind in this lifetime.

    “If you are interested in Human Design, you definitely have to reach out to Francesca. I had a high level of understanding of my type and my authority, but her in-depth report went SO MUCH DEEPER and there were so many wonderful nuggets of information that I now understand and can use in my day-to-day life. There is nothing more powerful than deepening our self-understanding, so if this type of thing calls to you, Francesca is your person!”

    Shannon Acton, Intuitive Business Coach & Brand Photographer

    “My Human Design results were a perfect blend of spooky and insightful. It was like reading the description of my soul, providing an in-depth description of why I behave the way I do. The guidance, insights, and practical tips were specifically tailored to me and my soul’s path. I now feel so clear of what I am here to do, and the difference I am here to make. If you are stuck for confused on what to do next in your life, Francesca has a true passion and gift to help you realize and execute your soul’s purpose”

    Tyson Sharpe, Emotional Fitness Coach

    How does a Human Design reading work?

    After gathering your personal information we book two 45-min calls OR one 90-min call to go through your full extended Human Design reading together.

    PLUS you get a recording of our session together.

    PLUS you receive full written report with all the information and details of your personalized reading so you can go back to it whenever you want!

    What do I need before booking a reading?

    Before booking a reading you need to know your date of birth, the exact time you were born, city and country.

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