“And the day came when the risk to remain in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

Anaïs Nin

I am here to help YOU stepping into your worth and authenticity, owning who YOU are, and being in charge of your own life from a place of empowerment.

Human Design

Are you ready to discover the blueprint of your soul?

YOUnique Coaching

Are you ready to step into your Power and Authenticity?

“My Human Design results were a perfect blend of spooky and insightful. It was like reading the description of my soul, providing an in-depth description of why I behave the way I do. The guidance, insights, and practical tips were specifically tailored to me and my soul’s path. I now feel so clear of what I am here to do, and the difference I am here to make. If you are stuck or confused on what to do next in your life, Francesca has a true passion and gift to help you realize and execute your soul’s purpose”

Tyson Sharpe, Emotional Fitness Coach

“If you are interested in Human Design, you definitely have to reach out to Francesca. I had a high level of understanding of my type and my authority, but her in-depth report went SO MUCH DEEPER and there were so many wonderful nuggets of information that I now understand and can use in my day-to-day life. There is nothing more powerful than deepening our self-understanding, so if this type of thing calls to you, Francesca is your person!”

Shannon Lacton, Intuitive Business Coach & Brand Photographer

“In the most uncertain times I reached for Francesca’s assistance for answers. With her guidance and without saying a word she comforted me in her space. My reading was nothing short of amazing! Having some insight to my next steps in business and in life would have been one thing, but having what she told me be spot on was incredible. It allowed me exercise effortless action in my business and personal life. For any future readings or guidance in the most uncertain of times I’ll reach for Francesca’s readings time and time again!”

Matthew Sheehan, Real State Agent.

“It was an amazing experience for me to join Francesca’s “Choosing Me 5-Days Mini Program”. Everyday I was inspired by her chosen topic and I loved all the questions she suggested to ask oneself.  Francesca is a very patient, inspiring and supportive coach. She shared her own experience with insights in depth and encouraged us to reflect the same on our own life and situation. Every time after the session I felt I had learned so much about myself and I also knew I am not alone in this world with the same struggles and dilemmas. After the conversation with Francesca, I was able to look into my own situation with a clear view and have more motivation to break the old patterns in order to make positive changes. Thank you Francesca!!”

Jean Lu, Realtor & Finance Advisor